" When you live with beautiful things, you stimulate your mind,  you enjoy life a little more" 

Ralph Rucci

Luxury Interior Design

A full service interior design firm specializing in residential, hospitality an​d commercial interior design


Charette Interior Design, Ltd. specializes in creating personalized interiors - livable spaces that denote a comfortable elegance. Our ability to embrace collaborative partnerships with clients inspires designs that reflect their sensibilities through a refined interpretation. At ease integrating a variety of elements and styles, combined with bespoke items, we create environments that are nuanced and sophisticated, relaxed but comprised of luxurious materials and details. 

Our work resonates with discerning clientele who value the contribution a well designed space brings to their sense of well being. Well edited selections, attention to scale and proportion, and balance between positive and negative space all contribute to our thoughtful compositions. Each project is curated with exceptional quality in materials, furnishings and decorative arts, creating settings that reflect an understated luxury.

We work on residential projects as well as hospitality, retail and entertainment venues, nationally and internationally.

​​NEW YORK - CONNECTICUT :: TELEPHONE: 203 244 5453   ::   CALIFORNIA :: TELEPHONE​: 310 770 4734